How to connect to a server remotely?

Remote connection to the server is possible in several ways:

1. Remote access using Console:

You can manage your VPS/VDS directly from a web browser. You don't need additional software or plugins. You can find the console in the detail your server in the user interface.

2. Remote access using 3rd party VNC client:

You can use your favorite VNC client too. The VNC login credentials can be found in the details of the server in the user interface on the Summary tab. Make sure you use IP address of VNC server, which is different from IP address of your VPS/VDS. Access to VNC can be enabled in the UI for up to 24 hours.

3. Remote access using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP):

RDP is accessible immediately only with preinstalled operating system. In case of custom installation, you need start RDP service and permit access to, after successful OS installation.

- Preinstalled Windows OS

Login credentials and are send to your email address RDP IP address is same ad IP address of your VPS/VDS. You can use Remote Desktop application installed on your computer.

- Custom Windows OS installation or reinstallation Windows OS

In this case, your server is accessible from VNC client during (re)installation process. You don't need no login credentials. A control panel, where you can permit RDP access, will be open after successful installation.

After that you can use Remote Desktop application installed on your computer. IP address is same as your VPS/VDS have.

How can I activate a Windows 2008 R2?

You don't need one key. The license key is already included in the installation. To activate the system, just go through the activation process without supplying any license key.

Have you open all ports?

Yes, all of the ports on the VPS/VDS are open. In case of problems please check your Firewall settings.

Which VPS / VDS plan should I use?

If you are not sure which plan to use we suggest starting smaller and upgrade if needed. Upgrade is available anytime. The upgrade is performed on-line with one restart of the server at the end just to apply new parameters.

How does billing work?

Virtual servers are billed every day, month, six months or year based on billing period of your choosing. Licenses and IP resources are billed at the beginning of each month.

Is the virtual server backed up?

You can back up your server data by using a manual backup, enabling automatic daily backup, or creating ISO images (you can use it for example to clone VPS). The used backup space is charged according to the pricelist.

Auto daily backup can be activated in 3 day or 7 day mode. If you have set your own individual backups inside the server, such as a dump database, we recommend that you schedule the internal backup to run before running an automatic backup whose startup time is visible in the user interface.

Created automatic and manual backups are available for the duration of the virtual server hosting.